Tuesday, 21 March 2017

New Favourite book; Finding Audrey

 I've been trying to read more at the moment, it hasn't been going particularly well however the one book I have read and completely loved was Finding Audrey by Sophia Kinsela.

After seeing this book in Zoella's WhSmith book club and it seeming like my perfect book from the blurb, my mum kindly treated me to it. I read it as soon as possible and it did not take me long to read as it kept me hooked the whole way through.

The story is about a 14 year old girl called Audrey who has social anxiety. She's been a victim of bullying and stays at her home all day wearing these dark glasses so she can avoid eye contact. The book is written in Audrey's point of view and shows her to be very quiet however extremely brave and doesn't like to talk about her past experiences.
She goes to therapy which doesn't seem to help her however it all changes when she meets her brother's friend Linus...

The book is written so well as you really feel like you know Audrey really well and you're rooting for her to overcome her fears. It gives you a mixture of emotions as there is some sad parts however some very funny and relate-able parts in it as well.
Also in the book Audrey was set a challenge to create a documentary of her daily life which it would show for a page or two, and I don't normally like things like this in books when it changes from the normal chapter however it was really well put together and made me laugh as it felt just like an average family in day to day situations.

What I also really liked about this was how it showed a true understanding of mental health. It wasn't some poor sloppy stuff that books can sometimes show when writing about a mental illness. It made you become really aware of what a person could be going through and shows what is a big struggle for people when it seems simple to us. The book also shows that recovering is hard and it's not just as simple as falling in love and then it's all fixed. It shows Audrey as being so determined in getting better however has her downfalls however it brings such a good moral to the story.

Overall this is such a good book and I can't recommend it enough! It's happy and sad and really gives you an insight to how hard it is for someone living with such a tough condition but makes you feel brave with the character.

Have you read this book?
Kate Xx

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

I hate it when my makeup doesn't last for the day however I've finally came to the point in my makeup where it is lasting all day long so I thought it would be the perfect time to do a post on it.
All of this tips work perfectly for me so I would definitely try them if you need your makeup to last all day long!

♡ Moisturise;
I always moisturise before I apply makeup as I love my skin to my hydrated and moisturised however I feel like it's a step that does help my makeup stay on for a bit longer. Also it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and when I come to take my makeup off my skin still feels hydrated and moisturised.
I use: Garnier Moisture+ Soft Daily Light Moisturiser

♡ Prime;
Before I apply any makeup I have to prime my face, it's a must. When I apply it, it feels like a new layer skin that will keep my makeup on all day long and feels like a clean slate to do my makeup on. Using a primer also locks into my moisturiser so keeps my face even more moisturised for even longer.
 Also a primer can give your makeup an extra dewy look depending on which primer you use. I really want to try and new primer like the Smashbox one so tell me in the comments if you would recommend it! If you're not using a primer then it needs to be on your shopping list!
I use: Miss Sporty Insta Glow Primer

♡ Set With Powder;
I've always religiously set my makeup with powder, I use my big powder brush for around my face and a smaller brush to pack it under my eyes. I always use a translucent powder though so it doesn't cake up my face! And of course my all time favourite is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, honestly if you don't have this, you absolutely need it. It lasts all day and keeps my makeup in place and doesn't cake my face up at all. And it's around £3 which is an absolute bargain considering how long it lasts for!
I use: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder '001'

♡ Eye Primer;
One thing I hate is coming to the end of the day and my eyeshadow is basically non-existent. My eyelids get so oily which makes my eyeshadow barely last and they crease so much. So I always use an eyeshadow primer or concealer. I do quite like using concealer as a primer as I do feel like it makes my eyelids less oily however sometimes I don't think it lasts as well as an actual primer. I love the Rimmel primer as it's quite water based so feels soothing and fresh on the eyelids. I always feel like applying an eye primer is like a fresh canvas to do my eyeshadow on and I can't imagine not using a primer when doing my eyeshadow.
I use: Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeshadow Primer

♡ Use Lip Liner;
I always use a lip liner when wearing any lip product because I just think it finishes the lips off and makes whatever product your wearing look neater. As well as lining your lips, I also like to do a thin layer of lip liner all over my lips as it gives the perfect base for a lipstick/gloss and does help it last longer. 
I use: Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner

♡ Setting Spray;
Using a setting spray will lock your makeup down all day and gives the last perfect finish to your makeup. A setting spray is just like hairspray, it keeps your makeup in place all day and gives the finishing look to your makeup. Also a setting spray can hydrate your skin and help your makeup look fresh and awake. And a setting spray can come in handy to spray your makeup brushes before hand to make the product more pigmented. I always use my e.l.f spray before I apply eyeshadow as it makes the shadow more pigmented!
I use: E.L.F  Makeup Mist & Set

♡ Don't Touch;
Touching your face throughout the day will remove most of your makeup and if you're touching your face a lot throughout the day it can lead to breakouts from bacteria, which no one wants! I always keep my hands away from my face and I try my best not to lean onto my hand as I always find the makeup will just transfer and I'll end up with less coverage in that area. This is such an easy step but can definitely impact on how long your makeup will last for.

What are your tips for long lasting makeup?
Kate Xx

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

E.L.F First Impressions

After buying some E.L.F products in my recent holiday to America (read about it here) and loving them, I did really want to try some more products of theirs and I treated myself to a couple more things the other day as they had free delivery online! I absolutely love their products and will definitely be ordering more! Also I did mention some of these in my New York Haul however I've tried them fully now so I thought it would be perfect to do a first impressions.

♡ Bronzer 'Golden';
I got this as I absolutely love powders which has a mixture of tones and shades as I think it can give such a natural healthy glow. In this bronzer you get 4 sections which three are bronze shades and one which is more of a highlighter.
I loved bronzing my face with this, it gave such a healthy glow and will definitely be a summer staple for me. The shades a perfect for me, I swirled my brush equally around the whole powder and I loved the outcome.
 I did have a concern that it would be too shimmery but on the face it doesn't look to shimmery at all. Also it's not that pigmented which I do like as it makes it easy to achieve a very natural bronze (especially for my very pale skin) and is buildable if you wanted a deeper bronzed look.

♡ Illuminating Palette;
I was super excited for this as when I swatched it, it gave such a natural glow. I loved using it as it was so smooth and glided onto my face. It's perfect to use for everyday use and I love it with a natural makeup look. The shade range you get is really good as well as there is a sliver, pink, champagne and peachy tones in the palette. I also do find them buildable as well, you can give a very subtle highlight or build it up to give more of a fuller look.
I love the packaging as well, as it's perfect to travel with as it's thin and has a big mirror in which would be perfect to do your makeup in if you can use a compact mirror.

♡ Tone Correcting Powder 'Cool';
I was super excited to try this as I'd never seen a colour correcting powder before and when I saw it online for only £4 I knew I had to get it. Like the bronzer, it has four sections to it. There is a green, yellow, blue and pink shades in the powder. To be honest, I'm a little bit confused to whether I'm using it right as I wasn't sure if you were meant to use them all at the same time as obviously all the different shades are to conceal different areas of your face. So after a while of debating, I just swirled my brush into all of them (which is probably wrong) but I did really it. The powder wasn't cakey at all and was so smooth on my face. It did give good coverage as well, I focused my brush on the green section as my cheeks are very red and it did conceal the redness quite well and I definitely will be including this powder in my go-to makeup, even if I'm using it wrong!

♡ Makeup Mist & Set;
This is my first ever setting spray so I was looking forward to trying it and I was very pleased with the outcome. It doesn't have the best packaging however I bought it for $3 so I shouldn't really complain! It was super easy to spray onto my face and doesn't smell of anything which I personally really like as I don't think I'd like it as much if there was a smell to it.
It did seem to make my makeup last longer and I felt like at the end of the day I looked like I had more coverage in my makeup still than if I hadn't used the spray. It's also perfect for spraying onto your brushes as I used it on my eyeshadow brush and it gave so much more pigment to my eyeshadow so I'm very impressed by this and it will be getting many uses!

♡ Ex-tra Lip Gloss 'Brian';
I was super excited for this as for finding it for £1.30 online and looked liked my perfect gloss shade, and light pink kinda shade. 
As always with my case, it came and didn't really look how I expected it to. A bit too on the pink side than I had hoped. However I'm sure in the summer months, I could try and pull it off. Although it is quite full on when it is first applied, if I lightly dab it then it becomes more natural so is much more easy to wear.
Forgetting about the shade, the actual lip gloss itself is the perfect consistency. It's not sticky at all and does feel moisturising on the lips. I'd definitely recommend this however maybe not in this shade if brighter pink shades aren't your thing.

♡ Shimmer 'Gold';
I decided to buy this as it was reduced to 40p and I couldn't really resit because I thought it was worth trying it for that price. I was very impressed as I opened it, as for e.l.f's basic range it was good quality packaging. It came with a small rectangular brush which I probably won't use and it had a small mirror underneath the brush which I thought was very clever and it's so useful.
I was a little bit amazed of how much kickback it made when I lightly swirled my brush into the powder however I did really like the way it looked on my face. Although it's shade name is 'gold', I would say it is more of a silvery gold and it really suits my skin tone well. It has the perfect pigment for my liking, it is noticeable however isn't full on.

♡ Shimmering Facial Whip 'Pink Lemonade';
This was also on sale on the e.l.f website so for around 50p, I again thought I would give it a go. When it arrived, I was surprised at how pink it was. And when I swatched, I was surprised at how pink it was so I don't think I will be getting much use out of this.
When I swatched it, I use a small pea drop and blended it out. And let me tell you, a little goes a hell of a long way. It did give a really nice shimmer which I would love on my face however not in the pink shade. I definitely wouldn't use it for a highlighter as I feel like it would look ridiculous on my face however I did try using a tiny spot for eyeshadow which did seem to work quite well. So I think I will try and create some eye looks with it but maybe stick with my other highlighters instead! 
I would reccomend looking at the other shades though as it is very smooth and shimmery so would make a pretty highlighter.

Have you tired any of these products or will you be going to?
Kate Xx

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